Relaxation = Manifestation

Life is supposed to be fun, and one should be excited to wake up every single day to look forward to the gift of life. However, I do have doubts that most of us may not feel this way. We can blame it on our family, relationships, school, job or even self. When I mention self, I mean hating on yourself and criticising yourself to the extent that there’s a troll in your head chattering crap that you do not need on a daily basis. I’m not new to the concept of hate and negative chatter, but I have learnt to replace it with gratitude and happy thoughts. There is so much we can attain and manifest in this life if we can only shift in our perception. Some of you may question, does this need effort and struggle? The answer which is indeed a blessing is that the only path to success or happiness is through relaxation. Just 60 seconds, just 60 seconds in the morning when you wake up basking in non-action/ thought vibrational frequency can have a strong repercussion on the way your day goes. Just imagine how your life could transform in a period.

The video below was a speech given by Esther Hicks, an American inspirational speaker and author.


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