Why higher education may leave you disappointed.

Is getting a degree or a high-level qualification all that is to life? Is it all that you need to earn all that you deserve? I don’t think so. What is the point of going through mental suppression for the sake of a degree? When you can put your thoughts and words to create the reality, you wish to engage. Education is vital, and no one can deny that but what if I tell you that the system that we are put in is not giving us the right education? Schools are doing so little to inspire students. It may not be the case in all schools but is it not our birthright to all go through similar guidance to live to surpass an average life. A “high” qualification does not even guarantee a job these days so what is the point of spending so much on school and tuition fees, to end up in debt? You decide. This video has more meaning and clarity that most of us need to wake up.



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