Are you spiritually poor?

Ever wondered why even those who are abundant in wealth happen to be bankrupt regarding their happiness and peace? Well, there is no mystery behind. To be whole is to be one who is spiritually fed. It is not just a humbling feeling, but it awakens one to their authentic power. Spirituality is no magic mantra. In fact, it is a vital part of making a person complete without the help of external circumstances. Yes, i said it, you don’t need that shoes, man or even the bank cheque to make you perfect.

All we got to do is to tap into our cosmos within to strengthen our intuitive senses to direct our choices we make in life. Spirituality can consists of meditation and prayer and it is not limited to any one religion or deities. It is crucial we all become willing to engage in a spiritual journey to find our highest truth and purpose in life. Do not just waste your life trying to chase after goals (Money, Careers, Relationships) when your mind and soul are not aligned, for no one can fill your glass until you start pouring in the liquid it needs. Peace.



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