Meat-free monday.

I believe in nutrition more than I could ever emphasise. There are days where one tends to self-loath just by indulging in all sorts of crap, and I am not an exception. However, i believe in learning and growing ourselves to be more conscious of what we put in our bodies and to be aware of how it not only affects the being but our entire surroundings. We all enjoy our steaks and cheeseburgers, what a delight it is. But we are failing to look at the bigger picture of what is taking place. Cows are naturally meant to be grazing on grasses. However, the food industry is allowing them to feed on soy and even corn to let them grow bigger in size so that we can devour more meat.

It is not just harmful to the cows but also to our environment. Let alone the food you take in could say a lot about you. It is not a secret that when you eat better, you feel better. Therefore we can do our part by taking an oath to go meat-free for one day of the week. Simply doing so for a day could make a big difference. The video below shows more about the movement, Meat Free Monday and how it got started.

Click here to read my other article on where you can find delicious meat free meals in Singapore.


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