We have all or at least most of us have become so fond of the illusionary world in certain aspects of life. Romance is no exception. We have all learnt in particular stops in our life to make idols of our relationships. However, idols are limits and are beliefs that there are forms that will bring happiness. Therefore when you decide for idols you end up asking for a loss.  The media and society have kindly encouraged and have brought us up this way. We tend to be so fond of our special relationships and feel like we are incomplete without the significant other. We even behave in an awful manner like getting jealous and envious when a third party happens to interact in any form with our other half. The reality behind why we do so is real because we are incomplete beings ourselves, and we try and try to fill the gap by seeking the attention in the other, and we love, love them till they make us happy and if something minor goes wrong, “BOOM” goes the relationship and we continue our hunt failing to realize that there is a lot of internal work to be done. It is said that we are in disconnect without true loving self when we idolise the other and forget the person. The truth is that we were all meant to be whole individuals who ought to share the light of the wholeness with the other, not just merely filling each other’s half empty cups.

The video below is a short version of the lecture given by Gabrielle Bernstein, she is well known in New York for all the amazing books and actions she have written and contributed for man kind.

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  1. jingwenn says:

    Thanks Priya for this post. Can relate to it so much!

  2. jingwenn says:

    Thanks babe for this post. Can relate a lot to this haha.

    1. It’s my pleasure, i knew this post could speak to you. Takecare.

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