Write your destiny.

Mediocracy has become a space that is crowded. On the other hand excellence, world class and extraordinary has become an area that has plenty of room left. It is not about the competition or scarcity. Competition and lack are illusionary thoughts that we keep filling our minds. I mention that as if we look deep enough, we live in an abundant world, just take a look around you, nature repeatedly shows us how we are all meant to bloom into the best version of yourself.


For instance, imagine a garden and the beauty around it. There is no competition in the way a rose or lily blooms. Why? They do not have the gift of thinking which we humans put to waste and that is the reason why we never allow ourselves to reach our highest potentials. Opportunities are ample but we fail to realize it. This is due to the fact that our belief system have been socially conditioned to have conversations that tailor our mindset to malign our lives. This belief system that shapes our lives are what we have adapted from a number of blueprints.

Spiritual, family, gender and community are a few foundations to name that has been subconsciously playing the dynamics of the way our life flows. Spiritual could include the religion and practices that one do and how if it really helps one grow into living a healthy and prosperous life or if it just merely influences one in ways that do them little good. Does your religion or practice teach you to suffer to be a good person and makes you trip at the slightest of issues? This is where one can reflect whether or not if it may be the sector that acts as a hindrance.  Next when we talk about family, it is about the conversations that our parents have had about all aspects of life, be it that you got to work hard to earn money and not love what you do or rich people are greedy. Just because it comes from our parents does not mean it has to be true as they might know themselves. Gender is another strong conditioning of the belief system that can cause one to be mediocre. You know some may say that a woman who is independent is less feminine than the woman who domesticates herself. Also, how, if only a man has a stable job and a car is someone secure and stable. These are all the crap that we have let to believe.

Men is a men regardless of what material he possess and a women is a women regardless of what role she plays. Gender could not dictate how far one can go in life and we should not allow it consume us to believe so as well. Community is another way which condition us in ways that could either elevate or devastate you. To be more cautious of this conditioning, reflect on the conversations that you are having with your friends. Are your conversations all about gossiping and trashing others? Or are they uplifting conversations about humanity, prosperity and service? I have no idea why humanity has become a topic that only the chosen (Government, Celebrity, Etc. ) could have? It is the only topic that we are all entitled to! So tuck yourself in some good conversations that not only make you feel good but subconsciously serve your life.

This also nudge us to why we should discard our obsession with the frame and focus on the content resulting us to live a blissful life. We can only become happy and successful if we let go of beliefs that we might not even notice. So hold your pen and begin scripting your destiny.

Below is a priceless masterclass with Lisa Nichols.

LISA NICHOLS is CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world, a best-selling author of 6 books and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers whose global platform has reached and served millions.


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