How to live in the moment.

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It is not unusual to hear one obsessing over every detail in their life. The stress and worry it can cause one is pretty crappy. It can even be mind boggling. However, this only occurs when we are always trapped in the past or future and let the present moment pass right through. But how do you not anticipate the future or reminisce the past? The concept of living in the moment sound rather foreign and strange. It is a challenge just to breathe and have faith that the universe has your back. As I was pondering how I could better adapt to this concept, I came across Noah Elkrief, author of the book ” A Guide to Living in the Present Moment ” who describes how our psychological thoughts play a huge role in the sufferings of a human being. He simply guides one to take the step to disbelieve the thought that causes the pain. Sounds easy but how many of us are doing it?

Thoughts, positive or negative will arise every second of the day, but it is our choice if we want to believe it or let it pass. He also writes about the pursuit of happiness and how we got first to tackle all the thoughts and beliefs that are co-creating the unhappiness in life and not just dive in to do something to make us happy. In the end, he crafted five steps to be in the present moment and also explicitly mentions that it not a theory or philosophy. What it is, is up to the individual’s perspective. The primary interest of this conversation is how we can get more people to experience peace and let life be. To just let it be.

Below is a link to his free E-book:

Click to access An-Introduction-to-How-To-Live-In-The-Moment.pdf

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