Have you ever had someone in your life that could get under your skin? Someone you have to struggle to be around.  It may be your parents, siblings or even an old friend. The truth as to why they always win in being able to agitate you could simply be that they are a mirror reflection of common concern.  You might get confused as to why would this person do all it takes to push your buttons. You may even blame them for being a burden but what you might not know is that they are just mirroring how you feel inside. For instance, you can put up a front, but if you are a fearful person, someone out there is going to help you reflect that behavior whether you are going to like it or not. Hence instead of getting mad all the time, it might be time to analyze how you actually feel about yourself. These people who make us fume end up becoming our best teachers. Better than the teachers in school but if your teacher is the one who is pushing your buttons than you are an exception.

These experience often help us discover things that we might not even notice They also serve as opportunities to heal a crevasse within ourselves. Mirroring also teaches us how our relationships and situations in life are in perfect alignment with how we feel internally. For instance, if you have faith in yourself, others will believe in you. If you are mean to yourself, others will be mean towards you. Comments will be made to you often unintentionally, and that’s when the questions like “why me?” and “Life’s unfair” spurs. One need to understand that it is not that life is unfair, it is you that behaves in an unreasonable manner either towards yourself or to those around you. Another fantastic thing is that mirroring helps you identify your losing points. With this new awareness, try to stop pointing fingers at others and swivel it towards your inner self. The mirror, however, s not just to reflect the ugly, it also reflects the beauty within us. The beauty you see in the world is the beauty you see in yourself. Appreciating the greatness in others is a sheer behavior that you appreciate your inner greatness.

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