A photo by Gustavo Quepón.“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body” was a quote by C.S. Lewis. How is this quote related to energy could be your next question? We as Westerners are fond of our physical bodies. We follow rituals rooted in the physical world. We are taught to think in the physical world, to identify where the symptoms and problems lie in all aspects of our life. What we fail to realize is that we as a human being have a duality within us. To be specific, we have two bodies; one is our physical bodies which are made up of matter and the other will be the energetic bodies. We all know that everything that surrounds us is energy. The screen that you are looking at now to the trees to the waves that kisses the shore to the cup of tea that you are holding in your hand, it is all energy. Sounds like primary school science. Well in fact it is. And since we are made of energy we give out energy too. If you do not take my words for proof. Try rubbing the both of your palms vigorously. Notice the energy pulsating out or do you feel a sort of pressure or even tingles? All of this could help you guide what your current blocks are in life. It is only when you address your energy body that you will be able to see positive changes in your life. Instead of taking action in the physical world, we might consider having to heal our energy body first. Not the other way round. Working with energy is directly opposite to the physical work.

Working with energy involves imagination, and there is no limit to what one could imagine whereas, in the physical world, there is only so much you can run after. For instance, if your relationships are not sailing smoothly, it could be because of a particular block of energy in your body. But what do we do? We go after the person, trying to set things right and end up in a bigger argument. Another great example will be the adults who invariably instill in one that money does not come easy and that you got to work hard to be rich. Most of the younger generation are also indifferent about it. As a result, we just work ourselves to mental exhaustion feeling dissatisfied. It is the time that we evolve to seek out creative ways to live our dreams and activate our energy bodies. The best thing about adapting to this is that whatever trouble that you are going through or if you are feeling stuck right now only means that you have to clear a dormant and blocked energy. Sounds like minimal work. Well, it is as by learning how to deal with your energy block, you will be able to experience heightened intuition where you will be able to receive answers to all your doubts from your higher self. This simply means being able to take the right steps in prospect for your desires.

Below is a masterclass from an energy healer, Jeffrey Allen who talks in depth about the concept of energetic bodies and guides us with three techniques that we could practice to remove any current blocks that are ceasing us from being able to manifest. He has helped thousands clear their energy blocks, and it could serve you.

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