‘Soul-ar’ System.


The concept of the ‘Soul-ar’ system was introduced to the crowd that was engaged in the TED X youth talk held on the 15th of November. Speaker Ross Tucker came up with the concept. While giving his view on the theme ‘Worlds Imagined’, he told us to find our element. What is the element? You might wonder, it is basically when or what makes you flow. To further determine what your element could be, you can go back to your childhood days and recall what made you tick. The reason I mentioned childhood days is that that is the period when we had a stronger ‘self.’ ‘Self’ refers to a person on complete individuality. Really! Look at how we have grown through the years, trying to put on a facade to please society. That is hindering our flow and potential. One could only be successful in whatever they attempt when they are in the flow. Flow is one of the four mindsets that we humans could be in. Obviously, it is the typical mindset one could be. So what are the other mindsets that the majority drown in? It is the stress and anxiety mindset. It is where the person is not happy, but they have a vision in life. It is where the vast majority of us are trapped in.

We all have things we want to achieve in life. A degree qualification, a high paying job, a great lover, wealth and health and the list goes on. What we fail to realize is that we cannot tie our happiness down to these things. We have to be happy before we can even manifest. We need to understand that only when you are happy will you be able to achieve your goals. So the next time, anxious Annie decides to pop into your head when you think of your goal, only just say “SHUT UP” out loud to that voice. Trust me; this has become a tool for me, and it is crazy how this silly tool seems actually to work. And when you are at this level, things appear to move coincidentally well in your life. You can call it the law of attraction or even the programming of neurology. Going back to the element that I previously mentioned is about the flow. It is almost similar, as when you find your element you are in complete flow in your life. These are the elements that eventually build up your ‘Soul-ar’ system. Instances of an element could be the time you spend meditating, painting, singing, laughing with your friends, reading a great book, basically anything that you can single handily focus on without worrying. It is also the things that feed your soul. So the next time someone says stop wasting your time ‘slacking,’ tell them that science told you to do so and that you are in flow. In fact, it is the only time you are elevating your growth.

Below is a video on how you can get into the flow.

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