Follow your heart, always.

heart.jpgAs cliche as it sounds, it is wise that you follow your heart in whatever path you decide to take. Even if those decisions sound traumatic in comparison to societal views that initially pursues hypocrisy. Those heartfelt decisions could Include quitting your school, job and other societal recommendations to pursue your given purpose. Honestly how many of our parents can tell us wholeheartedly that they are living the lives that they have desired. You will be startled by how unfaithful their answers might sound. We do have a good education system as what have the many statistics have tried to make us claim. There is an ongoing silent tension among the population. A tension that many are afraid to raise to one another. The tension over why we have to chase certificates to live a mediocre life. Really? Think about it! Do we have to waste all of our youth trying to cram our heads with information? That brings me to how we have conformed to social influence that it have become a norm that all of the human population blindly attempt standardized methodologies to live a status improved life. Many of our parents were brought up learning rigid ideologies that have only aid them to mature into a skeptical fool. Some of us youngsters might say that they are not able to pursue their dreams due to parental pressure. Parents need to distinguish between wanting a great life for their children or manufacturing one to become a product that they can showcase to the society. I mean if you love your child unconditionally, you got to tell him/her to follow his/her heart and not listen to the ‘bs’ that society has to say. And you youngsters have to step up your game and gain the courage to voice out what you want to do.

Think about it. We have one life. One precious life that holds a bountiful potential. If we are going to succumb to the ‘bs’ pressure that we claim to go through. We are not going to live. We are merely going to end up living a life following what the generation of yesterday have to say and fulfilling everyone else’s goals and not your dream. There is also a math behind the heart. The heart is like the apartment for the tenant which is the intuitive inner guide that we all have free access. If you want to get more details of the math of the heart and do not fret as it is not that ridiculous math that you do in school. You could watch this short clip on how your heart makes the best decision for you to grow. If you are keen, you could also sign up for the heart mastery class where you could gain insights on how you can master your heart to receive more inner guidance to make any decisions in life. Thank you.

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