Remember the light.

lightIt is a brand new year and let us face the fact that resolutions are overrated. If there is something that you wish to strive at you got just to go for it. It can be a new relationship, career or even a new hobby. Waiting for a new year to kick start your bucket list sounds miserable. That being said it is still a new year, and some traditions are hard to break. People buying new journals to keep track, plotting new goals and attempts to live a healthier life are efforts that have to be still appreciated. The central message of a new year is to remember the light within each one of us honestly. Life is a not a dark corner. It is a light, humbling journey that one could take with an awareness that is lingering from time to time. If life is supposed to be a beautiful journey, then you can ask what the mistake that we are making is? Why do we keep signing up for a rat race? Well, the main issue is that we forget to live in the light. We forget the magnitude of who and where we are. We embrace this tiny mad idea called ego to make some ratchet decisions. Then you may ask, what is this whole living in the light bull crap about and how we go about doing it? Living in the light simply means to imagine being in a bright, bright, bright room, a good instance would be a television studio. We do imagine, in fact, imagination is an inborn trait which we have learned to abuse. We are closing our eyes and screaming that it is so dark in this world and that we cannot get out. However, all you had to do was lift your hands off your eyes. This deep trauma could be due to horrifying childhood or even an unhealed perception of self. It could be the year which could be filled with love and healing, and all you have to do is make a choice. Life is just a choice. We all have an inner voice that is always on your side, and a miracle is only recognizing the truth. 2015 is the time to unlearn and remember, to witness, allow and to be present with the magnitude. It is the time to be simply devoted to the spirit in you. We all setup goals to fail in the end but the purpose of life is to find those unhealed perceptions and people in your life, and you will be liberated. To heal is to forgive directly. So how do you forgive? People quote forgiveness as some complicated math problem, but it is much easier than you think of it to be. We all go through the midst of chaos and judgment. You do not have to go through a whole year of regret but instead, learn how to forgive instantly. We live in a world where everything is happening instantaneously so why are we not forgiving instantly as well? We can simply start by practicing in our head to forgive someone who might have made a nasty remark. You can start with a daily practice of spending a minimum of five minutes where you take the time not just to reflect but forgive any some mishaps that may have occurred in the day. The benefits that you will reap will be happiness. The one who learns to forgive is the one who heals. So kick start this beautiful brand new year with a radiant light energy.

The video below is an excellent lecture from Gabrielle Bernstein who ends it with a beautiful mantra meditation that could start help start you manifesting your desires that you have plotted for the year.

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