Valentine’s Day guide.


Alright, I am no love guru. I am not here to tell you what to buy your significant other or what you could do to surprise your loved ones. In fact, the very reason I am writing this article is only that of all the thrashing of the topic that I have been noticing on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Let us all face the fact that it is just another day, no biggie. Yeah right, the hidden pressure and drama that it consist are endless. I hear you.  And to all you single ladies and men who are probably being a total cynic about the whole thing, you may just be a treat for a shift in your perspective towards love and romance.

STEP 1: The very first thing we can do is to “Celebrate happy couples.”

Think about it.

Maybe you admire the relationship of your parents, so be grateful for it or you stalk this “ideal” couple on Instagram, be happy for them. Rather than comparing yourself to all the couples out there and seeing yourself as less than. You could instead honor and bring light energy to it. What is likely to happen is that you are taking a step to look inside and not out which separates you from the source of love. It is because when you look inside, your intuition will tell you that it is attainable, and you are worthy and deserving of love as it is your birthright. Then you may question that it is easy to say but all you got to do is to have a willing thought, and that will suffice.

STEP 2: The second thing is to “create a relationship vision board” It could be filled with images of couples holding hands, pictures of inspiring love quotes, (hint: no one quotes about love better than RUMI), and pictures of anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. That way you can wake up to a sense of alleviation towards romance. The act of looking at the board is self-affirming to you that you can have that, so when love surrounds your thoughts, you emit a higher frequency, and you will manifest it eventually. ( You can not go wrong with metaphysics! )

STEP 3: The last thing to do is to “Celebrate your single status!” So here’s how you work your way through this step, celebrate the time you have with your girlfriends or your guy pals, really just have a great time and soak in all the love, positivity and warmth you receive through the energy from your girls or your bros. Create more romantic sparks with your friendships, (this is a big one, and it works so well), have more time for your friends and set aside time to be more creative, creative time could include, you writing, singing, painting, drawing, dancing or even just meditating more often. Maybe you can take the time alone to indulge in new interests or hobbies. Most importantly take yourself on a date, yes I said it, and I practice this too. Take a walk along museums, beaches or even parks by yourself. Start embracing your company and the light that you are blessed. Do something radical for yourself, by giving yourself treats and this will help escape the negativity of being along during the “love” season, and also it will help you perceive your single status as an opportunity to take good care of yourself, to build a healthy relationship with yourself. It will be like a self-discovering journey. This time is just sacred because when you look back at it when you are engaging in a relationship, you may not have the time to do things like that anymore. Thus honor and nurture it now. Have fun with it and the joy that you bring to being single will eventually lead you to set a foundation of joy when you merge with another.

Happy advanced valentine’s day! xx

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