Your Life Does Not Run On Autopilot


We are all let to believe a profound lie that life happens and often we blindly adapt to the systems that have conditioned us to live average lives. The systems that say you need a university education to attain a good paying job, a professional career to be successful and to bind yourself in marriage for security and acceptance from society. Systems which initially help you avoid labels. However the key to an amazing life does not stop at getting a university education or a partner, in fact, it has nothing to do with the above mentioned. Sure it is a much easier path to take as all you do is follow what your past generation has done. It ultimately could be rather damaging to you being able to sieve out your unique potential and as a result lose your special gift that the world needs. Simply just take a look around you, are those surrounding you happy and motivated about life? Or are they all unhappy and are pursuing things solely due to circumstances and wonder if only they could have a choice, would they be able to live with more ease and happiness. If this is the case, it is a classic tale of one falling into the life trap. Life trap is a negative life pattern which begins when we’re children or adolescents. It is when we start picking up all these messages and ideas on what the perfect life is all about and how can we start embarking on the path. That is where the systems come into play. The systems which many think is good to follow can, in the long run, kill our true intuitive capabilities, our imagination, and creativity that are also plaguing our right brain characteristics. What do we then, you may ponder. Well, a choice naturally begins with you setting an intention in your mind for your thoughts are the one manifesting the reality you live. To be able to grasp the concept that you are the pilot of your ride in life could then fuel you with power to take it to towards any desired direction. Here are three ways that you could kick start to empower your journey.

First, you could start journaling, the habit of penning down your thoughts on a daily basis can effectively eliminate the clutter that goes through in your mind. The idea of journaling is to give you a better understanding of your point of view as well as a chance to think of the others. You can choose to journal your reflections for the day and write down your desires. This habit of writing can help you focus better on your intention and as a result swiftly get you working towards it.

Secondly, try to fit in a daily ritual that could quickly help you get in the flow. It could be a five-minute meditation, a seven-minute workout, you making yourself a refreshing green smoothie,  you reading an inspiring quote or you watching a youtube video of someone you admire and aspire to be or even a cold shower. These daily rituals can have a calming effect on your mind and help you be in a state of flow to gain a more energized focus on the task.

Last but the easiest at least in my perspective is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. This, my friend has saved my back in many situations, it is very easy to see the wrong and the more we focus on it, the more likely it is going to repeat itself. Therefore train yourself to see the good in things, even in the unfortunate circumstances. If this is too difficult for you, take time in the morning to give thanks to three things you have in your life and take a moment to honor them. Be it for the supportive family, friends, partner or even your pet. It ultimately makes you feel grateful which will then bring more of such good opportunities in your life.

Hence take charge of your life and stop wasting energy on useless debates.

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