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Earthlings is of the most powerful documentary made in 2005. It is about humanity’s use of animals as food, clothing and entertainment. It was directed by Shaun Monson. This film includes footage obtain through the use of hidden cameras to capture the day to day practices of some of the largest industries in the world. It shows the audience the horror that takes place in slaughterhouses, the cruelty that takes place in entertainment related fields such as the zoo and circus. It also draw parallels between sexism, racism, and speciesism. It is a documentary made essentially to educate the public and make the connection of what actually takes place. It is for the population to realize that the product or meat they are buying is once a innocent sentient being who wants to live as long as we do. The animals they see performing are tortured and forced to do so by being starved, and the only reason they are doing so is because of hunger. To also realize the leather that you wear is made of flesh, flesh that may not be similar to yours but still one that had the life. This documentary is so crucial and one that has to be watched. The cruelty just resembles how there is no justice and equality in all societies.

These industries not only cause harm to animals but to the degradation of our earth and the environment. It is also the main reason why there is world hunger. Yes i said it. We are the cause of starving people in the world. Less developed countries thrive on food like corn. However countries like africa are facing massive food crisis. Their crop yields are poor and much of their food like corn that i mentioned is being exploited by the meat industry to feed and fatten the animal. Why? So that we can enjoy more meat. How cruel for such practices to take place for the sake of our greed. The choices that we make during our meals have significant impacts. Please watch this documentary, be educated about the cruelty that takes place. Make informed choices. Your choice on your plate either helps fund the cruelty or destroy it. It is the same when you go to places of interest and buy clothing that operates from such a negative place. Decide wisely. Peace and love.

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