Prescription For Self-Love

All of us have desires and dreams that we want to manifest in life. We may sometimes fail to achieve them. While it is necessary to hustle hard to reach goals, it is more so important to feel like you deserve to reach them. The worthiness or deserve-ability stems from self-love. If you do think you are not enough, you may yourself sabotage your manifestation of whatever that you want to have and get in life. Regardless of the number of hours you clock in to reach those goals, it is your emotional compass that needs a little more love and monitoring. Below are four practices in how you can cultivate more self-love.

#1 – Make yourself a cup of tea

And yes make one that is your favorite, Green, Black, Chamomile, Peppermint, the list for teas are endless, and you will be inclined to one that you like. Just take the time to relax and savor your tea with minimal distractions. It could on its own be a Zen practice.

#2 – Have a bedtime ritual

Many of us, including me, sometimes carry our worries and troubles with us to the bed. Avoid this at all costs. Instead really take your time to unwind and get ready for bed. Take a calming bath or shower by adding essential oils or bath salts in the water. Lavender oil works well. Choose one that feels right for you. Sleep is the time where your cells can repair and rejuvenate for the next day. If you bring the negative vibe to that sacred bed of yours, you will probably end up tossing in bed or even wake up with a nightmare. I usually like to add an affirmation before I close my eyes, “I surrender all of this to a power greater than me.” It eases me into a refreshing sleep. Create a ritual that is unique to you. Your imagination is the only limit.

#3 – Keep a gratitude list

Maintaining a gratitude list helps you magnify the good things in life. You can type your gratitude list on your phone as you are reading this. There is no excuse. Focus on the good; you are bound to see more good. It is a law of attraction.

#4 – Be kind

We often blame the universe, that it is not kind to us and that we have to suffer. How about we try to drop some random acts of kindness around us. It could be a simple compliment, to say “thank you” more frequently, to give a donation. It could be anything and size does not matter. Do it with the intention of not wanting anything. It is simply to make you feel better. You will feel a sense of significance. That is a great act of self-love.

If you choose to pick one of these practices, commit and stick with it for at least 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Then reflect to see if you will feel a shift within you. Here’s to more self-love.

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  1. Srijan says:

    you’re one gorgeous lady!

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