The Power Of Affirmations

It is a new year and everyone would have kick start it by writing down their new year’s resolutions. This could be very motivating to eagerly start a fresh. How do you then keep track with your goals? After all they are words written or in this day and age typed on your mobile devices.

They are not just words but words that hold more power than we often give credit for. I really do believe that our thoughts shape our reality. There is unlimited data to prove it too. Therefore to ensure your resolutions manifests, you can lean towards adopting affirmations.

Simply write down a list of affirmations that could help you further believe in your goals. Also, it never hurts anyone to tell positive statements. You might even see yourself smiling a little more each day. That sounds like a win to me.

The concept of affirmations may seem new to some of you and if you are not sure where to begin. Below is a couple of statements that you could try telling yourself on a daily basis.

1. I am moving closer to my dreams.

It helps your mind align itself with your desires and eliminate clutter or negativity that would otherwise be a hindrance.

2. I wake up each day with purpose and drive.

This helps you find your ‘whys’ and helps you feel connected.

3. I am grateful for _______________________.

This is up to you to fill in on things and moments that you are grateful for on a daily basis. The more you think and thank, the more you get.

4. I am open to joy, love and abundance.

This one sets you up for success. Simply by saying this, you are allowing yourself to receive all of the above.

5. I take care of myself and practice self-love.

As much as giving brings us joy, it is crucial we put ourselves first and fill up our vessels by nourishing ourselves so that we can flow and provide more.

I hope this 5 affirmations serves you well. It is a leap year and we have 366 days to make it count.

Have a fabulous 2016!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this!! This is what I want to embrace this year. More gratitude. Thanks for sharing!

    1. motiveangel says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you loved it! Cheers to a bright 2017! ✨

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