Build A Life, Not A Resume


I came across a book called WELLTH by Jason Wachob who is a well-known wellness entrepreneur and CEO of the website mindbodygreen (link below). He created a term Wellthy which means a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health and joy as opposed to the term wealth which means to have a significant amount of money and possessions. From saying that it is evident what the difference is.

Many of us are chasing qualifications to build the perfect resume, and the motivation of it is inevitably money. Don’t get me wrong. I love money. Money is one of the greatest tools to buy amazing experiences that we all long and crave.

However, in our chase to attaining wealth, we often discard other aspects of life that are just as crucial for our well-being. Health is often one of them. They don’t just say health is wealth. Look at how many of-of even our loved ones who are suffering from some health issue or us, be it physical or mental. That is why it is so essential we prioritize our health and curate a routine to help us improve it. It is where one could adopt a plant-based diet as science is proving day after day the many benefits of eating whole plant based foods.

Another important thing that people could consider building is relationships. Relationships are so important; they help empower, support and motivate individuals to strive in their lives. It also helps you live longer, deal with daily stressors and feel richer as your well-being increases. What more, a study shows that when you have good relations in your life, you also avoid falling into traps such as depression, low immunity, and even high blood pressure. The best way to build relationships is just to let yourself be vulnerable with the other party and communicate your thoughts and feelings regularly.

Joy is just as crucial as making money. We often forget to have fun and regret later. Instead of scheduling your fun, do your daily tasks with joy. It could be as simple as smiling at yourself while you brush your teeth in the morning or jamming to your favorite songs while you take your shower. The key is always to have fun and you are set for life.

Hence my concluding point is that, while you build your dream resume, don’t neglect other fundamentals of your life that may not be achieved by the time you get “wealthy.”

Stay well and awesome folks!

Link for the book WELLTH

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