5 Steps To Minimalism – Why Less Is More

What is minimalism?

Minimalism varies for everybody as for how values and beliefs do for different people. There are no rigid rules to follow but a concept we could use to help ease our everyday lives that will eventually reduce the feeling of overwhelming and anxiety. When de-cluttering your life, happiness also becomes a natural by-product. Here are five beginner tips to get started.

Less- distraction, stress, confusion

More- focus, joy, energy

1. Find Your Why’s

To answer your why’s, you might want, to begin with asking yourself some essential questions. Think of why you want to pursue a minimalistic approach to life. I have listed a couple of questions below to get you started.

  • How does your living space make you feel?
  • Do you feel rushed and stressed too many times in a day?
  • What are 3-5 things that matter to you in life? E.g. Travel, Education, Family and etc.
  • Which of your commitments makes you feel alive in life?

2. Get Rid Of Things

Physical clutter can cause a mess often in our heads. It is good to detox to your environment now and then. Here are five things you must get rid. They more often than do not serve you and may cause more chaos in your life.


3. Choose quality over quantity

We live in a world of fast food, fast fashion, and fast everything. We buy things mindlessly. We could instead invest in one good product from all the categories (e.g., handbag, wallet, sneakers and more) that relate to your life. The post by Joshua Becker, a joy of having one is going to help with the shifting of your mindset. Dress with less. Fashion does not mean that you have to pile on. You can still look sophisticated with a couple of items. If you have not heard of Project 333, it is a concept created for people to try dressing with 33 items for three months. Consumption is not the problem, compulsory consumption is.

4. Take-care of your mind

It is great to declutter our physical space but it is also important to declutter your mental space. We often neglect it and do not realise how our thoughts our messing with our lives. We can start to mend it by incorporating mindful meditation into our daily lives. Meditation will enable one to get a better grip of the mind.


5. Quit Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a myth to productivity and can be a huge energy zapper. You can try to focus on one single task at a time and give yourself a break after the completion of the task. In fact studies shows that multi-tasking can slow you down and cause to make more errors. Avoid it all by single-tasking with full focus and dedication.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Myles Butler says:

    Great tips, especially the last one. I’ve been slowly realizing how much more productive (and relaxed) I am when I only focus on one thing at a time.

    1. motiveangel says:

      @mylesbutler Thank you so much! I am so glad it helped. (-:

  2. Abraham Pinhas says:

    Thanks for writing this. Confirmation is motivation.

    1. motiveangel says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Have an amazing day!

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