How You Can Learn To Let Go Of Control

Control freak tendencies is a real thing, and it plagues us greatly. Many of us chase perfection and wanting to control every aspect of our lives. It often only ends in more dissatisfaction and misery. Letting go can bring us all more peace and freedom. It could even open doors for more abundance, love, and light to enter your life.


Here are five tips to help you with letting go and embrace the art of surrender.

#1 | Be More Present


You may have heard this over and over again. Many of us are less and less present in the present moment. We are all often too caught up either in the past or present rethinking old thoughts and situations that cause us too worry and be anxious. However, we can easily break this pattern.

Here are five ways on how you can cultivate the habit of being more present at the moment.

  1. Do one thing at a time. ( Multi-tasking is productive is a sheer myth)
  2. Give space between tasks. (Stop flooding each hour of your day with activity and leave space in between to breathe)
  3. Eat slowly and savour your food. (Helps you with digestion and it will become more of an experience. )
  4. When you are talking to someone, pay attention. (Helps you become a better listener and friend.)
  5. Spend 5 to 10 minutes doing nothing each day. (It may well serve as a meditation.)

#2 | Find Out Your Fears

Many of us tend to lean towards control as we may well be afraid of circumstances and consequences. Ask yourself, “What are you afraid will happen if you let go of control? Once you can list them down, you may be able to grasp why you act the way you do. If the list gets overwhelming, take one step at a time to bring change to it. All you need is a positive willingness, and you will be guided.

#3 | Affirmations.

One of the best profound ways to bring change is to recite affirmations to help you through the process. They are best used in the morning right when you wake up. Go to the mirror and look yourself in the eyes and begin affirming. I warn you that you may feel silly or that it possibly could not work. You have to stick it to it like a habit by practicing on the daily, and you will see incredible changes.

Here are three affirmations that you could use:

  • I am in flow and accept what comes my way.
  • I am safe, and all is well.
  • I release fear and let love and light into my life.

If you are looking for more daily affirmations that are powerful, click here.

#4 | Build Trust With Yourself

Building trust with yourself is a fundamental component in letting go. It could also be one of the hardest aspects to grasp. Once we let go of fear and start trusting in the universe and people, believe that things will go right. When you start doubting, you unknowingly give power to the doubt. Instead, come to the realization that it is ultimately your choice to see things in a positive light and know that you are not alone.

#5 | Surrender

Detach from outcomes, stop overly obsessing over things, it blocks the power of allowing. If you want to co-create with the universe, you have to embrace detachment. Let good things come to you. It does not mean that you give up or that you do not care. It just means that you trust and allow the best version to manifest itself.

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