How Social Media Can Help You Grow

We all love our social media and could not imagine a life without it! However, social media and self-esteem could have a complicated relationship. We also however are silly to think that deleting all our accounts is going to be the solution. Thus let us look into how we could use it purposefully and find more reasons to love it.

1. Go On A Digital Detox

You might wonder how does getting off social media help you grow? Taking a break could give you a new perspective. It also is useful for achieving a balance. Too much of anything could potentially lead to a disaster. Hence it is essential to take a break now and then to focus on other interests and relationships.

Another issue that comes with being on social media is the dependence on likes and comments. I have been there myself. I use to obsess over likes. I now know clearly that the number of likes does not determine the person that you are. You could easily get 200 likes on a picture on Instagram and still be miserable. Thus, don’t let your esteem and confidence rely on something that is temporary and fleeting.


2. Reflect On How You Want To Utilize It

Next time you decide to post or share something, think twice. What is your purpose for wanting to post it? Are you using social media for promoting your business or use it as a platform for personal entries? Be mindful. Even if your intention is positive, you can inevitably find yourself scrolling through your timelines and getting caught up with a version of someone else’s perfect shots that you must realise are what they have chosen to share.

Let’s be honest. What you see on someone’s timeline or feed is not an accurate indicator of the person’s lives. Most of it could even be staged. There is nothing negative about wanting to share your best moments with the world. However, it is crucial to understand that and not feel bad about yourself or your lives. Hence don’t just post photos or posts to give a false image when you are having a terrible day.


3. Don’t Share Every Detail

We have all encountered a time when one gets in trouble because of social media. Your boss does not need to see you having a wild night at a club on his Facebook timeline. It is best to maintain privacy. Keep the intimate details to yourself. It will save you trouble, and social media does not need to know it all.

4. Keep Creating Visual Content

Despite it all, keep creating visual content. I believe social media can be a platform to express yourself creatively. It could help you relieve stress and enhance your self-esteem. Many of us could be found in jobs that limit artistic capabilities and we have to feed our right brain creatively which could be done by editing an image or creating a video.


With that, i hope you can make use of social media positively!

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