Bridging The Gap

I am thrilled to share with you all that my first book, “Bridging The Gap” is officially out! ♡


It was an experience of self-growth and discovery that challenged me throughout and I’m proud of the outcome. I decided to venture on this project as I wanted to share. I have shared my personal story to create a connection with others on a deeper level.


This book is about filling the gaps in the education system to create a more meaningful experience for students and society as a whole. In this book, I discuss my experiences as a student in the education system. The backlash is against standardised testing and rigidity in the compounds of an educational institution–and that it is in a lacking state of spirituality. I speak for a holistic education system and for it to adopt a more humane way of functioning. To invent new curricula that encompass spirituality as an effective practice. It is a book that gives a voice and hope for a better education system.

Get the book 👇🏽💫

Click here if you wish to purchase from Amazon.

Click here if you wish to purchase from Barnes and Noble.

Click here if you wish to purchase from Patridge Publishing

The e-book format is available here.


Also, you can click here to see my book featured in a blog post by Patridge Publishing.


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