Mental Habits Of Happy People

Health is not only the absence of disease. It is the holistic state of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and social being. I have realised that it is only possible to achieve health when you surround yourself with well-meaning relationships and consistent self-care. We all by now know a thing or two about keeping our emotional, social and physical states of self at bay. However, I believe mental habits are the trickiest to cultivate.

Go ahead ask yourself, what is your healthiest mental habit? If you find yourself struggling to find one that is decent, you are in the right space. Here I will share five healthy mental habits that you could develop that will stick with you through the trials and tribulations of life.

1. Anti-Drama

It is almost a given. I believe that drama never brings you joy. You could instead adopt to be more pragmatic and list problems according to their importance. Don’t overthink it if it does not call for urgency. Misery loves company hence stay away from any form of negative company to the best of your ability. Your sanity will thank you after which.


2. Forgive On The Daily

Meditation is the one tool that I will call my holy grail. It has guided me to forgive situations and people in my life. Instead of thinking of what good can come out of forgiving someone who caused you hurt and disgrace, think of what you will lose. Resentment, insanity, anger and sadness are just a few to name. The more we build upon these emotions in our body, the more disease grows in you. Hence meditation could help you remove negative blocks in life and bring you peace and calm.

3. Self Care, “Me time”

In the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to forgo our needs and desires. We may often feel frustrated, and not even know why. We may unconsciously not be aware that we are not tending to self-care. Take time off once a week or whenever you can to go for a walk in the park or to treat yourself to a nice massage. They may not sound significant, but it could add to your self-confidence to face challenges on the daily. It is essential you create a pact with yourself before deciding to confront the world.

4. Believe That All Are Good At Heart

It will certainly take practice, but it is key to learn to see the good in others. We live in a world where we are so quick to notice the flaws and judge someone. We can take a few moments to put ourselves in their shoes to see why they might be the way they are. By lending some compassion, we can see clearly why. Many hurt or are mean because they are hurting themselves. I rather honestly focus on the positive aspects of a person.


5. Learn The Art Of Asking

It will make the biggest difference in your life. We may sometimes drown in our egos into believing that we could do it all. The fruits you harvest when you do things with support is sweeter than you can imagine. Click here to watch an amazing Ted talk by Amanda Palmer who delves into the concept of the art of asking for help no matter your status or profession.


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