How To Embrace Your Single Hood

Singlehood to me is a time of self-discovery and adventure. I do not mean that you can’t explore while you are in a relationship. It just works out better when you are single. You can set your rules, designate your own time to do things. You become your boss in life. I believe it is exciting as the freedom could allow you to try things you have never done in your life. Go on a solo travel, write a book, you can curate your list to do things that you can look back to and feel amazing.

Single hood could also interpret ease of burden and responsibility. You do not have to answer to anyone’s call, and this helps you spend more time with yourself. Discover what truly fuels you in life. What you enjoy doing? Do you like poetry and wine or you simply enjoy rock and a good bottle of dark lager?

Here are 3 ways on how you can embrace your single hood.


#1- Take this time to focus on YOU

Take the time to reflect on your life. Feel like you want to quit your job, do it (after saving some money of course). Feel like you want to move to a new space or country, do it. You can do things that make you feel alive. Fancy learning a language? There is no one to stop you. You do not want to look back and feel sorry for your lost dreams.

#2- Make Friends

Friends usually come with fewer explanations and compromising. Partners, on the other hand, may demand of you to always have answers and may even get jealous of your friends. Friends are in a lot of ways more important than our partner. They are there when things get shitty. If you are single, it is a splendid time to nurture your friendships. Go on and hang out with your most debaucherous friends and do not feel guilty about it.


#3- Allow yourself to make mistakes

You are probably young and single. Go live your life. You are going to make mistakes, but that is a crucial part of growing up. You do not have to wait for others to make the first move. Take yourself out today to a park or a movie. Go for drinks with your friends just because you want to. Explore and try new things. If they don’t work out, you at least have had the experience of doing that thing.

One last thing is not to be afraid to be single. It is seriously not as sad or daunting as people may seem to make out of it. Use the time to develop yourself into your best self-possible. Find out who you are completely without dependence on others. Learn how to do things alone as well. Well if you can’t be comfortably alone with yourself, why must someone else be?


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