Why You Need A Mental Health Day

It is pretty obvious. Taking a mental health day could do so many wonders for a person. It can help you recharge when you feel like quitting and is a great way for your body and mind to rest. You don’t have to be visibly sick to deserve a rest day. I recommend you take one day off a month to bring back sanity into your life.

If you are still not convinced, I have put together three reasons why you need a mental health day. Keep on reading.

Wellness just like other aspects must be made a priority. We all need things to do in life that makes us feel good. Many might hate our jobs, so you best believe you find something to do that sparks joy in life. It might be reading, watching your favourite tele or just strolling at the park or beach. Doing them as part of your routine can help your mental health drastically. Many of us push such activities aside and sell ourselves short by giving into the demands of our work and social obligations.

1. A mental day can help you reconnect with you.

We live in a society where there is a constant demand to please the needs of others. It can create a tunnel vision which can limit how you view the world. By reconnecting with yourself, you can stay true to your values and beliefs.


2. It makes you become a better person.

We all have encountered times when we rage at people for no particular reason. It happens mostly when you neglect yourself. That does not work in your favours. Your stress hormones get hijacked. That then triggers your feel-good hormones, and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, moody and even depressed. When you do take a break to do things that make you happy, it helps relieve stress, improve memory and could even help you sleep better. By taking care of yourself, you are in better shape to help others.

3. It could be a good way to explore your own neighborhood.

How many of us take the time to visit the park in our neighbourhood or appreciate the beauty where we live? We are always rushing from place to place that we barely take the time to stop and wander. Do some research on what is happening in your local community. It could be a fair or a hike in nature. Whatever you choose to do, make an adventure out of it. Your mood will instantly become better.

I may not know what you do for a living, but a break is something that we all need to recuperate. Take it guiltlessly and thank yourself for allowing you to do so. 




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  1. Great post! We all need a reminder

    1. motiveangel says:

      Glad you liked it! Cheers

  2. Fabulous work. Loved it. Killed it.

    cheers mate.

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