Steer Clear Of New’s Year Resolutions And Try This Instead.

I am embarrassed to share that it has almost been ten months since I last published a post. Well, life happened, and I have been working on multiple projects that mean less time for personal blogging. It is all about priorities I suppose.

2017 has been incredible.

I have had great opportunities this year to work on multiple projects. I had the chance to take a three-week vacation to Spain, Barcelona where I had a magnificent time. I had the opportunity to learn the language, meet amazing people, drink plenty of vino and have delicious tapas. I am also currently in my last year of university attempting to graduate.

Many in the last two months have asked me what are you looking forward to in the future. What are my six-month plans? I firmly believe in setting intentions and also letting the universe conspire it for you. I reject the idea of resistance and pushing forth ideas and projects as it often or somewhat fails terribly.

That being said I’m not asking you to be lazy and let the gods in heaven decide for you. I mean map out a vision of what you will like to achieve in your life. I use Lifebook as a guide. There are 12 categories in life according to LifeBook. Let’s explore them here.

They include:

  1. Your Health and Fitness
  2. Your Intellectual Life
  3. Your Emotional Life
  4. Your Character
  5. Your Spiritual Life
  6. Your Love relationship
  7. Parenting
  8. Your Social Life
  9. Your Financial Life
  10. Your Career
  11. Your Quality of Life
  12. Your Life vision

Setting goals for each category could be a great head start. If you commit to working on each category for each month of 2018, you would have significantly improved in all aspects by the end of the year. I don’t believe in silly resolutions that one set in January and forget two weeks down the new year. Creating a framework as the above can hold us accountable for our actions and help us achieve our goals.

Here’s a look at my own goals for 2018 for you to get a better idea.

2. Your Intellectual life

I am a first class (HONS) BA Graduate.
I am reading ten books across different disciplines throughout the year.
I am doing an online course in Adobe suite.

Notice how I have laid out my goals using I AM.

A short brief about using the words I AM and the power behind it.

Many of us catch ourselves and are guilty including me by using phrases like I wish I could get the perfect partner, or I hope to get good grades or a high paying salary. There is no conviction in the way you present those, and thus it is highly likely that you don’t receive the outcome. Whereas using the words I AM implies that you are subconsciously programming your beliefs in your mind by giving it the most precise instruction. Hence it is the most powerful tool that you can acquire to change your reality this instant.

Thus it is the very reason why I set my goals by using the term I AM instead of hoping for it to happen one day.

How else could you improve your goal setting?

While you write down your goals for the individual categories, fill out a space to write down a list of things that you are grateful for in the same category.

Here’s an example using the same idea from above.

2. Your Intellectual life

I am a first class (HONS) BA Graduate.
I am reading ten books across different disciplines throughout the year.
I am doing an online course in Adobe suite.

Gratitude list:

I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained through institutions and travels.
I am grateful for the easy access that I have to knowledge through physical and digital means.
By including gratitude, it will allow for you to attract more of what you desire. Gratitude is a powerful emotional energy that you must project in the course of manifesting your desires.

Now that you know, go ahead and try it out for yourselves! Get an A3 Size paper or a prominent journal. List out your goals in all the 12 categories. I assure you that this process takes time, but it is entirely worth the investment to have a fantastic 2018 ahead!

Let me know if you do try it and share your thoughts on how the process was for you!


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