Don’t Live Your Life Half Alive

I was scrolling through Twitter like any typical millennial would and I came across this article titled ” Don’t Settle for Living Half Alive”. Something told me that it was worth reading the whole thing and I did.

By the end of it, I found myself in tears.

Why do you ask?

The article hit all the spots that I never knew I had.

2018 has been life-changing for me – mostly finding myself in constant turmoil. I never knew that I was going through a light depression. I pretty much stayed home most days and felt normal doing that. I would convince myself that I don’t need to be out all the time and that I am a homebody, etc. Well, you get the picture.

A small reason would be the fact that I had lost all my jobs and were making close to none. However, that was only half the truth. If I would have wanted to do social things I could still find free events to go to but it was just another reason not to see the depression that had swallowed me whole. Thankfully, the shell began to crack when I travelled to Europe this summer to meet my lover.

I started doing things that I would never do with the push from my partner but it helped me slowly reconnect with myself and friends. I finally felt like I can allow myself to do things that I love that I had forgotten about during the “dark” days. I finally was feeling rested for the first time in years, got curious about trying out new things.

However, this is not to say that I had finally seen the light and things are going to end happily ever after. I have learnt to seek joy as a fundamental basis but also handle the full spectrum of human emotions.

I’d like to end off by saying that mediocrity is a lure. I have always preached against it but find myself trapped in it every now and then. Shit happens but never let that dull your sparkle. Keep fighting for your passions and work towards it with a plan in mind!

Here’s to finishing the last quarter of the year strong!

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